Music Videos

You know its LIVE, thats the tag thats the movement. Bringing the real back to the art of music, we pride ourselves in bringing the heat with every recording to make sure its know you are lit with it.. We don’t just capture history we make history with every film!

We have 5K capability on hand for major projects as well as 1080p for music videos depending on budget. We also offer photography and behind the scenes footage on every shoot. We offer the full package for you to stand out in the crowd thee days.

10 day turn around or less on all music videos and for 7 years strong we have delivered and most times beaten this promise.. We know you need your content amazing and need it back in a timely manner.. See a mistake? .. We will go back and fix or add whatever you need 1 time at NO CHARGE! Sizzle reels and bts footage is included with each shoot to ensure you have the most content to deliver to your fans and also offer marketing plans to ensure your vision reaches the audience you aim to target.

Studio Uncut is your one stop shop! We create films and edit for one encompassing investment.! We will film/video anything you need with the best quality for your budget. We offer photo and video models from our Studio Uncut vixens division as well as vehicle and home rentals through our network. Choose Studio Uncut for your next film and enjoy a seemless shoot with the best outcome.

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